its the end of an era

this blog is toast.

its like the red-headed step child.

please visit www.jandrablog.com !

So long suckas!




…with the lovely April Foster, of April Foster Events. Check out our interview, and see some of her tasty blog while you’re at it! Thanks for the pleasure April!picture-2



Somehow in the midst of changing our branding, designing our new wedding website (and forging ahead to someday finish the portrait site), finishing the last touches of some weddings, redoing our office, being so ever graciously asked  and humbly accepting to be a part of Leslie Jones (fabulous wedding planner!!!) and Here Come the BRIDE, I have forgotten about some amazing engagement sessions! So, yes-there will be a third post in one week, and THIS is it! ( :
Katie+Cole stole my heart from the very beginning. They actually booked us for their wedding this September in Bloomington BEFORE they were engaged. They loved us and we looooved them! Do not fret-we did the engagement session when they were legit-ring and all! Cole and Katie just kinda let me do whatever and we ended up with an explosion of funky-sexylicious-goodness (and some love-y-ness as well). Lovesit!

Enjooooy and thanks for reading!




they say a picture is worth a 1000….

ah, you know.

Anyway-we love Maverick ( :
mav-hydrantp.s. All my Twitter folk make fun of me for it, but does anyone know where there are some really fun hiphop dance classes near or in Indianapolis? Britney Spears IS a good workout, seriously! David says I should debut my new ‘skilz at one of our couples’ receptions. Just kidding. 

…Or am I?

Thanks for reading!



We’re officially back (again)!

Back to civilization! Hooray! I have never been so thankful to see graffiti in my whole life. We celebrated Christmas at Kyle’s family’s hometown and though the countryside IS beautiful and the southern hospitality is welcomed, I just literally craved to see a parking ticket, a building more than 3 stories tall…and hell, maybe just even some public urination. Only kidding. Halfway. I really don’t know what it is about the hustle, crowds, noise and commotion I love, but let’s just put it that I am a true city girl. This week I got one of the best compliments ever shamelessly on Facebook. It read:




maybe THAT’s just the reason. Anyway, I thought I should share with you one of my favorite recent Carrie-esque photo’s of a session I did in the BLISTERING COLD. I am way behind on blogging all the sessions I’ve done, but eventually you’ll see ’em! 


And finally, if you have facebook and aren’t my friend, WHY? Then you can all give me little compliments! Kyle says this is “Amanda week ’08”, so why not?  (Friend him and ask him why)



As always, thanks for reading. -A


Holy crap it’s cold outside!!!!

Though the title has nothing to do with anything-just stating the obvious, I’m finishing up the last touches of some current projects and the new site(s). Kyle snapped up this of me last night, and I just thought I’d share with you all what I look like working everyday. Sitting and glued to the computer. Although, in this I’m working on Kyle’s Mac (mine’s bigger! -the 24″ haha!). Not that this is entertaining, but I just felt like sharing!
So, lets all share YOUR days at the “office”. Whether you actually work in a cubical, are a fellow photographer, vendor, or part of a traveling circus send me a photo of you at work! I will compile them all together in a post and we will have a vote for the best! Winner gets a $10 Target giftcard.
The only requirements are that you submit it before midnight, Christmas Eve! Submit photos to: shootme@jandraphotography.com

p.s Creativity will give you brownie points for sho’!

Happy Holidays!


I have found my favorite wedding of all time…and other stuff


(click to view all the goodness on Southern Weddings Magazine)

That’s just my 2¢ for the day.

*edit to add: something was incorrect in our post, so most of you couldn’t view the rest of this post! So sorry! 

Oh, and the reason I’m hoarding all of the fantabulous engagement sessions and such is because it will reveal December 15th my branspankin’new site… 

But, this one was hilarious to us all so I can’t hide it. This was taken in Chicago with the absolutely amazing Jeff+Janelle. Could it have been more perfect???? The first is Kyle’s view, the 2nd is mine. 

1) perfect sky

2) the MOON is in mine

3) the setting in general!!!

4) can you believe we BOTH got the bird perfectly in flight right over them??

So, at home Kyle and I always fight over who took the better shot….

so which one do you like better? I’m not sure what the winner gets yet, but it’ll be good. ( :

#1 (Kyle) 



and #2 (Amanda)


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